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Cleaning Junk Files With Android Junk Cleaner – Space Cleaner

Here we are going to provide you with the Best Android Cleaner App For Android Phones, which will clean junk files instantly and this android cleaner covers with many more features that is Junk Cleaner , Space Cleaner, Phone Booster, Battery Saver, Duplicate Photo Cleaner. Download this best optimizer app to clean and speedup your android device.

Since you are on this page, let’s take it for granted that you are an Android phone owner. And if it is so, you must have come across various junk cleaner app on the Play Store. The good ones perform function such as junk cleaning, phone boosting, CPU cooling, battery saving, virus scanning and many more. But there are some who are skeptical on whether or not to get one for themselves. Let’s help you decide today.

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Our smartphones are nothing but machines and a machine needs regular maintenance if your wish to get the most out of it. Such maintenance involve protecting the hardware and cleaning up the operating system from time to time.

Your Android phone is deemed to slow down. It will take considerably more time for performing its tasks. The reason being those background apps, unnecessary files, folders and caches that keep on running and storing on the background taking up most of your device’s memory. If this has happened, it is time you should clean it up and rid of cache and junk files cluttering your phone.

Common Features That A Junk File Cleaner Is Most Likely To Offer :

  • The junk cleaner should free up storage space by cleaning cache data that slows down your phone.
  • It should prevent the CPU from overheating by shutting down apps that are consuming processing power on the background.
  • Next will be able to clear recently used memory or RAM as there is limitation to its availability. The app should be able to clean system caches, temp files, APK files and all residual empty folders cluttering your smartphone.
  • Keep a check on viruses and malware. It should scan, block and remove viruses from all apps and protect your privacy.
  • Most apps help you extend battery life and save power by hibernating apps running on the background.
  • Clearing phone memory boosts your gaming experience by up to 30% or more when launching.
  • The junk file cleaner should be able to mute useless notifications to keep the phone functioning efficiently.
  • Stop annoying auto starting apps from running without you even noticing. It clogs memory and drains your battery prematurely.

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  • Uninstall multiple unwanted applications to free disk space and accelerate the speed of your device.
  • You shall be able to access your data whenever you want at the highest level of efficiency.
  • Boosts phone and cleans cache efficiently without the need for root access. It should be packed with advanced monitoring system.
  • With friendly user interface, the junk cleaner should be light, compact yet powerful with low memory and CPU usage.
  • It should identify big unwanted files and clean them up instantly.
  • It should be compatible with all Android devices. Ultrafast scanning engine is another common feature.

Thankfully, there are Android junk cleaner apps on the Play Store that can help you perform junk cleaning with ease. You need not remove the cache of each app through device settings manually. One such best junk cleaner app is the Falcon Mobi Cleaner. It has been successfully tried and tested on over 1000+ devices before launching on Google Play.

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Falcon Junk Cleaner – Best Junk Cleaning App for Android

best junk cleaner

Falcon Mobi Cleaner is a collective set of useful tools offering you more than 10 features to keep your Android running in its optimal condition. Of these features, Junk Cleaner is the most important module. It cleans junk files, system cache, app cache, APK files, empty folder, residual files, duplicate photos, unwanted media files, and so on.

These features have been highly successful among users. A 4.9 star rating from 5 from over 1000+ users shows that how reliable this app is. Falcon Mobi Cleaner is a powerhouse of features you need to keep your device clean and safe. Let’s dig into detail about what this junk file cleaner has to offer.

Junk Cleaner

Junk Cleaner

  • It has a one tap button to scan, analyze and delete app caches, system caches, junk files, temp files, APK files and empty folders from your device.
  • It analyses apps that has been freezing your device and kills them so that they do not run on the background anymore.
  • It lets you delete large unwanted files and apps cluttering your smartphone.
  • Its brilliant user interface makes it the perfect Android optimizer tool for your smartphone.

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Phone Booster

  • The app maintains your Android device to accelerate its performance.
  • It lets users customize their preferences to boost RAM memory and optimize speed.
  • It lets you kill unnecessary applications running on the background while playing games and boosting it by up to 50-60%.
  • It relieves system burden by freeing unwanted resources for smoother performance and faster operation.
    Download the best Phone Booster App To optimize Your Android Device.

Social Cleaner

  • The Android cleaner app will analyze and scan all media files on your Android device.
  • You can easily delete data that require cleaning.
  • It lets you free up space by deleting files cluttering your social media.

Battery Saver

  • Users can control various parameters that have been draining your phone’s battery.
  • The junk cleaner app suggests various tweaks to improve your battery life.
  • Users can turn off excess power consuming parameters such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Vibration, Brightness and GPS etc.
  • It lets you choose between default and battery saver mode for enhanced battery life.

Duplicate Photo Cleaner

  • This module lets you scan and delete duplicate and similar looking photos from your device.
  • It offers the option that auto mark duplicates leaving behind the best photo unmarked.
  • It lets you set the accuracy level based on preferred degree of duplicity.
  • This junk cleaner app considers hazy photos as unwanted and lets you delete them.

Antivirus for Android


  • Additionally, it offers a virus scanning feature to monitor your device for malicious attacks in real time.
  • The app provide users with instant notification whenever you are about to install an app infected with virus.
  • There is also a whitelist feature that lets you add applications you consider are safe.

Falcon Mobi Cleaner virus cleaner module is considered as the best antivirus for android.

Does Falcon Junk Cleaner work?

Does Falcon Mobi Cleaner really work? The general opinion is yes.

This Android junk cleaner app promises some major benefits such as improving device performance and optimizing it. It performs its functions – from deleting cached files, search history to closing apps correctly and effectively.

Falcon Mobi Cleaner is a quick way to clean your Android phone. Download it from the Play Store today. You won’t be disappointed.


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