Top 10 Best Phone Booster Apps | Speed Android Device

Here Get the top 10 Phone Booster apps for your android device to optimize and speed up your smartphone instantly. Here are the top list of android optimizer apps which also covers many more features that is Junk Cleaner , Phone Booster Battery Saver , Antivirus For Android and many more.

Best Phone Booster Apps for Android (Top 10 Phone Booster Apps)

Performance is prime on Android phones, anything which can save power and increase battery life is worth grabbing your attention. Digital world is continuously replacing the manual world and with this change is increasing the use of digital devices.

Despite of significant technology growth Android users have often faced issues related to poor phone performance. Slowdown has become a normal issue with Android devices. Major reason is that the space gets occupied in Junk/cache files, unnecessary large files, folders, photos, videos etc. Time to time junk cleaning is required to boost your phone’s performance.Cleaning junk files, temp files, and APK files is essentials, doing it manually may look like an option, but seems like a never ending task. To do your task and make your work easier you can make use of various Phone Booster Apps. Here we have shortlisted some of the best available apps which you must use to optimize your Android’s performance.

 Best Phone Booster Apps for Android Phones | Download Now


  1. Falcon Mobi Cleaner –Phone Booster and Junk Cleaner



Falcon Mobi Cleaner is a master booster app for your Android Phones. It’s a one-tap solution which not only cleans junk files and frees up memory but also enhances battery life to boosts the overall performance of your Android device. With this app users can make their device running smooth just like a new one.

Falcon Mobi Cleaner is one of the best and the most comprehensive Phone Booster and Junk Cleaner apps available on the Google Play Store today. It cleans Junk files like app cache, APK and temp files available on your device for reclaiming lost space to accelerate the speed of your device.

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It help you locate and manage duplicate photos and large files for removing excess clutter and increasing space. It ensures that the phone is always put to optimal use by killing the unnecessary application running in the background.

Battery life is also enhanced by Mobi Cleaner as it effectively manages the battery consumption areas such as WIFI, Bluetooth etc. The Junk cleaner app also works as Social Media Cleaner by cleaning the unwanted media saved through Facebook, Twitter etc… It’s a perfect blessing for game lovers at it boosts the gaming app by cleaning the cache to improve gaming speed. Download it here.


  1. DU Speed Booster

Cache Cleaner-DU Speed Booster (booster & cleaner)

DU Speed Booster is loaded with tons of features for freeing up space and boosting phones performance. It frees up your phone’s RAM by cleaning thrash and unnecessary applications running in the background for your phone. It not only accelerates your phone speed but also gives real time protection from virus and malware.

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DU Speed Booster acts as an Application Manager and allows you to uninstall applications you no longer use for freeing up space and increasing battery life. Gaming experience is also enhanced with greater speed. Download it here


  1. Clean Master –RAM Cleaner and Phone Booster

Clean Master

RAM Cleaning is widely used by Android users.  Clean Master is a perfect phone booster and Antivirus management solution available for your android device. Junk Cleaner, Memory Boost, CPU Cleaner and Antivirus service are the prominent features of Clean Master.

The efficient space cleaning engine will remove junk to accelerate your system’s performance and keep your device clean and secure. Gaming experience and charge up time is also enhanced by Clean Master. Download it here






CCLEANER is one of the handiest utility app used for cleaning Junk files including unwanted files, app cache and other unused data that clogs your Android device. This frees up huge chunks of space allowing your system to run fast. Download it here

It’s a simple and intuitive user friendly app which keeps track of your RAM, battery levels and temperature. It’s a perfect phone booster app which helps you to identify and remove unused programs running in the background which makes startup time shorter.


  1. RAM Cleaner & Speed Booster Master

RAM Cleaner & Speed Booster (Memory Booster)

Ram Cleaner and Speed Booster cleans up all the junk from your Android device. It efficiently sweeps up all the unwanted and unused apps from your phone and boosts it performance. Speed Booster will help you optimize your phone RAM, battery life and speed as it cleans up memory, frees up space, removes and disables unnecessary apps. Download it here

It’s a one-click optimization and phone booster Android tool available in the market.

Best Android Optimizer : Junk Cleaner & Phone Booster – Falcon Mobi Cleaner

  1. Start Up Manager – Faster Reboot

Start Up Manager

With numerous apps running in the background phone’s performance is normally hampered with frequent slowdowns and crashes. Startup Manager aims at disabling any unwanted startup apps from system boot that you really don’t need.

It intelligently analyze and monitors all system startup entries for boosting your android startup making it much faster. Download it here

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  1. RAM Booster


Download RAM Booster to boost the performance of your Android device. The app runs through your phone and cleans up junk files, enhancing the overall performance of your phone and improving its battery life. Its keeps phone’s memory clean and keep it away from feeling sluggish.

Unlike other phone booster apps RAM Booster does not add layers of complicated process and does exactly what the users want: one tap solution to speed up your phone. Download it here

  1. Power Clean- Android Cleaner and Phone Booster

Power Clean

Is your Android device performance sluggish? Power Cleaner is a junk cleaner and phone booster app that helps to free space, cleans up memory/RAM, removes and disable unnecessary apps, optimizes and speeds it up.


Aptly named Power Clean takes good care of your android optimization and cleaning requirements. It allows you to manage notifications, unwanted and auto startup apps making it an essential phone booster app. Download it here


  1. Turbo Booster- Speed up Android

Turbo Booster (Speed up)

Turbo booster speeds up your Android and gets it running smoothly again by removing unnecessary files form your device. It scans your device, identifies and deletes residual files/memory cache in order to boost systems performance and increase battery life.


The app frees up valuable chunk of space by stopping unused programs running in the background. It also helps in deleting unwanted app with its one tap feature. Its kill’s unnecessary running tasks for enhanced gaming experience. Download it here


  1. Go Speed

Go speed

Tired of space issues? Go Speed is the system booster and junk cleaner app you need. It safely cleans up junk, residual and temp files to increase available space and increase your phones speed.

Pre-installed apps eat up valuable chunks of phone’s memory, Go Speed forbids them from auto-starting and boosts up your phone performance with smooth running. Download it here


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