Junk File Cleaner App – Cleanup Android Device (Updated)

Best Junk File Cleaner App – Cache Cleaner & Speed Booster 

Falcon Super Cleaner is one the best Android junk file cleaner app, thanks to its easy-to-use features. It features a junk file cleaner, phone booster, duplicate photos cleaner, social media cleaner, notification cleaner, antivirus and more. It is a small and lightweight application that fills in as a speed booster and junk cleaner guaranteed by the developers.

Falcon Super Cleaner has thousands of downloads and highlights nearly all that you require in an Android cleaning application. It is an all-in-one Android junk file cleaner app that additionally includes an antivirus, battery saver, CPU cooler and game booster. While managing the background apps, memory space and junk files it likewise ensures that your device is free of viruses and other threats.

Key Features of Falcon Super Cleaner: Booster & Junk File Cleaner App

Junk file cleaner: It will clean all your junk files, cache data, residual files and empty folders to free up space and speed up your android device.

1-tap boost: The Falcon Super Cleaner Phone Boost highlight helps in freeing up RAM with a single tap.

Duplicate photos cleaner: It will delete all annoying similar and duplicate photos from your gallery.

Social media cleaner: You get loads of recordings, voice messages, and photos on social media. This junk file cleaner app will clean unwanted files sent and received on social media.

Antivirus: It is antivirus tool that protects your device in real-time by tracing infected application as soon as it is installed.

CPU cooler: If some application on the phone is overheating CPU, the application detects and terminates them.

Battery saver: This highlights works around the battery to expand the battery life by hibernating heavy applications running in the background.

The Falcon Super Best Junk File Cleaner app can take care of your Android device. It can intelligently clean heavy background apps by checking them at regular intervals.
Falcon Super Cleaner is a simple cache and android junk cleaner equipped to clean cache and junk files

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