Cache Cleaner & Ram Booster App For Android Phone

Falcon Super Cleaner is one of the best android optimizer application, a versatile cache cleaner, and advanced RAM Booster. It manages junk files and multi-functions as cache cleaner, app manager, phone booster, antivirus, duplicate photos cleaner, RAM booster and battery saver.

It additionally terminates background running apps to extend battery power. Falcon Super Cleaner free booster application for Android. What’s more, this is done with one tap only.  The cache cleaner application optimizer and battery saver encourages you to clean junk files and cache record and expand battery life. Falcon Super Cleaner is an all-in-one android booster that streamlines your background applications, memory space, and cache files.

Highlights of Falcon Super Cleaner – Cache Cleaner & Ram Booster

  • Cache Cleaner: The best cleaner to delete application and system cache, junk data, residual files, empty folder and lot more.
  • Memory and RAM Booster – The best RAM cleaner and speed optimizer app. Tidy up memory (RAM) and optimize phone speed by killing wanted background apps.
  • Boost Cache Cleaner: It is a blend of both speed Booster and junk cleaner that boosts your device speed.

Bonus Features – Falcon Super Cleaner – Best Cache Cleaner

  • RAM will be expanded. Intends to accelerate your android device.
  • Junk File Cleaner: It is a small yet useful cleanup app for your device which frees up space and enhances the execution of android phone.
  • Security and Antivirus – Protect your device from viruses, infections, adware, malware, Trojan and other malicious threats in real time.
  • Cool CPU – Identify and clean applications that reason overheating. Constant checking temperature changes recognize applications extremely eating up CPU and start cooling progress, effectively reduce the phone temperature.
  • Apps Manager – Scan and clean APK files and uninstall the unwanted application.
  • One-Tap Boost from your home screen makes it simple to optimize.

Falcon Super cleaner is perfect cache cleaner and RAM booster to deal with all issues that back off your Android execution. Get it for free on the Google Play Store.


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