Speed Booster App – Improve Android Performance

Best Speed Booster app 2018 To Boost Android phone

The Android platform lets you download, install and run a lot of apps with ease. But what you do not realize is that this advantage makes your phone store unwanted junk files. Such clutter overload RAM and internal memory and make your phone unbelievably slow over time.

You need a speed booster app to keep your Android phone running without any freezes and lags.

Speed up Android with Falcon Super Cleaner – Cache Cleaner & Antivirus


Falcon Super Cleaner is one of the most ideal phone booster for your Android. It is available on the Play Store for free.The application provides a faster and user friendly platform to boost your freezing phone.


Falcon Super Cleaner is a powerful and best speed booster tool that works effectively to keep your Android phone free of clutter. It also lets your phone maintain its optimal performance every time.

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Falcon Super Cleaner’s Phone Booster is loaded with several distinct features. The application scans for heavy unwanted apps that keep on running on the background and terminates related processes.


It also scans your phone for junk files and offers a one tap click option to delete them in one go. Also the super cleaner speed booster displays the amount of space occupied by data on your device so that you know how much free disk space do you want.


This best speed booster app takes care of several tasks like junk cleaning, phone boosting, saving battery life, optimizing Android, increasing processor speeds, virus protection and more.

Best Features of Falcon Speed Booster – Phone Cleaner & Android Optimizer

  •         The app lets you detect and clean junk files, system cache, app cache, empty folders and residual files at a single tap.
  •         It lets you clean RAM memory and boost device speed.
  •         The speed booster app navigates through unnecessary applications and lets your delete them.
  •         The Android booster app keep your device boosted at all times.
  •         It optimizes your slow working smartphone like a pro.
  •         Furthermore, it customizes parameters like GPS, Brightness and WiFi to extend battery life and offer better disk performance in the process.
  •         It kills heavy background apps to give you a better gaming experience.
  •         Your phone will get free of freezing and frequent lagging issues.
  •         The one-touch speed diagnosis offers accelerated processing power.
  •         A memory booster to increase available storage space.
  •         The speed booster is light weight and is proven safe for Android devices.


How to download and run Falcon Speed Booster App?

Falcon Super Cleaner is your ideal tool to boost your Android’s performance. Here’s how you can run the application on your smartphone.


Step 1: Go to Google Play Store on your Android smartphone.

Step 2: Navigate through Falcon Super Cleaner on the store.

Step 3: Download and install the application on your device.

Step 4: Launch and run the app. On the home screen you will find features like Junk Cleaner, Phone Boost, Social Cleaning, Battery Saver, Duplicate Photos and Antivirus.

Step 5: Tap on Phone boost to start the boosting process. It will terminate unwanted processes and delete them to boost your phone successfully.


Falcon Super Cleaner is one of the best phone booster app on the Play Store that you can have for yourself for free. Enjoy the smoothest UI with this application.

Download Best Speed Booster App! 

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